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Rob Zombie makes a comeback

Watching the teaser for Rob Zombie’s newest flick ‘The Lords of Salem’ one might wonder if he might be trying to follow in the footsteps of the great Stanely Kubrick with his Mozart background music and artistry images, sometimes extremely horrific.

Zombie has always been one to show off his artistic style even if that meant  using blood and gore as his painting tools. But we should not forget that Kubrick used such tools in his famous rendition of ‘The Shining’ where one could find elevators full of blood, ghouls and ghosts and a father hell bent on killing his entire family.

Past works include the remakes of Halloween and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as the Devil’s Rejects and House of the Dead. Most might say these movies are a gross misuse of movie-maker money, but are we only judging Zombie on his choice of genre as well as past history as a death metal band member?

If Stanely Kubrick had been throating out devil-laden lyrics before he set on his career as a filmmaker would we have appreciated his work as much as we do now?

The movie itself follows a DJ who plays a mysterious record that causes her to have visions of a dead cult of witches in Salem. The conseqeunces of this mental anguish soon take their toll over the week as she obsessively listens to the record more and more.

The trailer itself depicts some rather disturbing imagery but behind that one could find some artistry as well in the depths of death, blood and gore.

Take a look at the trailer for yourself and decide, it may be worth a look. The movie was shown to lucky fans at the Toronto Film Festival but it has a 2013 release date on it which means the rest of the world won’t be far from being able to watch this Zombie masterpiece.

You can check out the trailer and more info on it here.