Cabin In The Woods makes Blu-ray Debut!

It appears many fans of the Whedon horror masterpiece Cabin In The Woods, will have a chance at a grab at the blu-ray On Demand or you can head to your favourite movie stop and pick it up as of today.

The movie featuring Thor’s Chris Hemsworth and a hodge-podge of other no-name actors was a blockbuster hit before the hot summer releases hit theaters. It was a movie that was able to turn tired old teens caught in a scary-looking cabin in the woods by some murdering psycho or zombies or whatever else, into something much more spectacular and in depth. It made you think, it made you laugh, and most of all it made you piss yourself. And it also had that unmistakable Joss Whedon humor that can only really be picked up on by diehard Whedon fans like myself (been a fan since he first penned Buffy The Vampire Slayer for theaters). But to those who had probably never heard the name Joss Whedon since before Avengers was released (Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, any of these ringing a bell?) it still held the ability to keep viewers attentive and entertained, something that has been severely lacking in the world of Hollywood since 3D became the go-to niche.

Now the Blu-ray will continue with this clever little play on horror and offer tons of behind the scenes, extended cuts, and a bonus view mode that will make any horror fan excited. Not that seeing sexy Amy Acker in all that scientisty gear wasn’t exciting enough. So get out there, get it, and watch the features. I know I will be, and of course I’ll be right back here to give you the scoop on what was hot and steamy about this little diddy of a release.

If you want to check out more I suggest this wonderful site…it’s my go-to in movie fun and facts.

BTW! Halloween is fast approaching and I will be doing a 31 day countdown of movies to watch until the big night along with some classic reviews, so watch for that.


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